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Joining Forces With OneSails

OneSails announces an exciting new partnership with the Gentoo Sailing Team as skipper, James Harayda, looks to take on the Vendée Globe 2024 at the end of this year. The main aim for the partnership is to showcase that sustainability does not have to come at the cost of performance, using OneSails sails throughout the campaign to support this message.

The Gentoo Sailing Team’s IMOCA 60 will be skippered by 26-year old James Harayda, the youngest international skipper in the class. OneSails will be providing the Gentoo Sailing Team with their 4T FORTE ™ sails, known for their durability, lightness (up to 25% lighter than film-based alternatives on the market), recyclability* and their wider sustainability credentials**. The two parties will be collaborating on designing high-performing sails that fit the rules set by the IMOCA class, the pinnacle of solo ocean racing.


Wilf Chaplin, Sail Designer at OneSails says “We are really excited about working with James and his team on their Vendée Globe campaign. Sailing is so dependent on the environment, especially ocean racing, that it feels only right that our partnership showcases that no one needs to forfeit performance if they decide to take the more sustainable route.”


The Gentoo Sailing Team has relaunched their Gentoo Youth Academy, that will focus on promoting youth and equality in sailing throughout 2024 and beyond. To help drive the agenda forwards, OneSails will be providing sailmaking workshops for members to show how sails are designed, made, and repaired but also to inspire young sailors by the kind of careers they could have within the marine industry.


James Harayda, Skipper of Gentoo Sailing Team, says “We are really looking forward to working with the team at OneSails and having their sails onboard Gentoo. We share much of the same ethos, focussed around performance and the care for our environment, so it felt only right that coming together could help us achieve amazing things.”


*Recyclability - the base polymer is 100% recyclable in a standard waste separation process. 4T FORTE ™ remains the only fully recyclable sail membranes on the global market.

**Sustainability credentials -The glues, resins and solvents used in the sailmaking process for 4T FORTE ™ sails have been replaced by heat fusion. The entire production and the accompanying sail recycling process was awarded ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment Certification in 2015.

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